Seagate 4TB NAS HDD SATA3 3.5″



  • For 1- to 8-bay NAS Systems 24 x 7 NAS Applications
  • High Drive Reliability and Performance with Seagate NASWorks
  • NAS Drive Compatibility for Easy System Integration

NASWorks includes features such as extended error recovery controls, minimized vibration effects and advanced power management. Furthermore, NASWorks improves drive health and performance, delivering the 24×7 reliability demanded by 1- to 8-bay systems.


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Seagate ST4000VN000 Nas HDD , designed for multi-bay NAS systems with Dual-Plane balance + NASWorks error recovery control , 4000gb/4Tb, Sata6G, 64mb cache , 7200rpm , sustained data rate – 180mb/sec – 3 years warranty.

You can maximize your storage and minimize costs with up to 4TB on a single NAS HDD—that’s enough for up to 800 thousand photos, one million songs or 500 hours of HD video content at home. Or, it’s enough space to store CAD files, images and databases at the office.