PaintShop Pro X9 ML

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PaintShop Pro X9 is the latest version of PaintShop Pro and comes equipped with new tools and enhanced features that save time, make photo editing easier and allow users to be more creative. Corel’s also worked hard to reduce the complexity of the software so that the user has a more enjoyable experience when working in PaintShop Pro and again, it speeds workflow up.

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Discover your true creative potential with Corel® PaintShop® Pro X9, easier, faster, more-creative-than-ever photo editing software. Complete photo and design projects sooner with simpler, more responsive image editing features, new project templates, gradient tools and Text Presets. Use new screenshot tools to capture your screen and communicate with clarity. At home and at work, there’s only one way to get this kind of versatility, value and performance— subscription free. That’s the power of PaintShop Pro.



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