TPLink 8 Port (4 PoE Ports) Switch

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TPLink 8 Port (4 PoE Ports) Switch, a super-fast hardwired connection that is useful when multiple computers are connected to a network home and usine cables instead of WiFi is more preferable than relying on over-the-air bandwidth, virtual LAN capability provided, features Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) that takes redundancy into account, has a metal casing and weighs 520g, seven inches wide and four inches deep by one inch high, this unit can be hidden away easily enough, LEDs are all located on the front; the bottom row lights up green as the full-duplex gigabit Ethernet connections are established, the middle row flashes when there is activity on the network and the top row is reservedfor PoE status, comes with four rubber feet to stabilise the switch on slippery surfaces, on the back you have the four right-hand ports also featuring PoE functionality and each port can push 15.4W down the Ethernet cable to a compatible device (though the recipient device can only utilise 12.95W due to some power lost through resistance during transferring through super-long cables), ports 1, 2 and 4 provide thr full downstream 15.4W, should a device be connected to port 3, port 4 is disabled to make sure it does not exceed the total 53W recommendation, there are adequate ventillation holes on both sides – allowing the unit to run without a fan, this switch is the epitome of ‘plug-and-play’, offers additional PoE capability