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Genius GX Gaming Series proudly announces the next generation of professionally designed and engineered keyboards for all game categories – Manticore. It’s a brand new streamline backlit gaming keyboard with a mechanical feel and touch guaranteed to blow away the competition.

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  • Adjustable repeat rate. No need to press a single key so many times for multiple commands. The Scorpion K20 gaming keyboard allows you to tweak the repeat rate between 21 / 30 / 62 characters per second by clicking FN + F1 / F2 / F3.
  • Gaming-feel backlighting with brightness adjustment 4 types of backlighting mode in 7 colors: full LED (100%), full LED (60%), full LED (breathing). The keyboard is fully backlit by adjustable blue LEDs that allow you to game in any environment.
  • Multimedia function keys Easy access media keys for convenient volume control, media playback, and game mode / normal mode toggle keys the top of the keyboard. The shortcut keys and multimedia keys allow you to control your media player while in-game.
  • Ultra-durable keycap Special keycap design provides a tougher, more resolute feeling to key presses, an awesome tactile feel and smooth click with each keystroke.


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